Gorilla Gloves™

Gorilla Gloves™ are our new range of High-Risk Nitrile & Latex Gloves for use in many applications

Gorilla gloves
Gorilla Gloves blue x50


  • Incredible puncture resistance – Three times the puncture protection of latex
  • Extra Long Cuff 300mm
  • 9.6 mil thickness- Super Strength, extra thick, more chemical resistant
  • Latex free – 100% nitrile
  • Textured palm and embossed outside
  • Outstanding grip for your tools
  • Suitable for Food Use
  • Medical Quality
  • Powder Free
  • Chlorinated single use glove
SIZE Quantity per Box Boxes per CASE
Medium 100 10
Large 100 10
X Large 100 10

Nitrile is a synthetic material that resists chemicals like petrol, oils, grease, diesel, hydraulic fluids, solvents, paint thinners, acids, disinfectants, strong cleaners and most alkalis. These gloves are ideal for mechanics, panelbeaters, painters, fuel dispensing, laboratory workers, morticians and other jobs where protection from chemicals is essential.


  • 15mil thickness – extra strong latex industrial rated gloves
  • Extra Long Cuff 300mm for added protection
  • The palm textured/embossed outside surface helps grip and the beaded cuff makes donning easy
  • Dark blue colour for easy identification, these high risk gloves eliminate the need for double gloving
  • Powder free
  • Medical Quality
  • Suitable for Food Use
  • Chlorinated single use glove
SIZE Quantity per Box Boxes per CASE
. . .
Large 50 10
X Large 50 10

Biodegradable latex glovesBlue Latex Gorilla Gloves are used in automotive, janitorial, and industrial applications such as paint shops and printing operations, industrial skin protection and are made from materials that comply for food use. Home uses include painting, drainage waste, grouting, fibreglass and cleaning solutions to repairs and many more applications.