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When deciding between Latex, Nitrile and Vinyl gloves…it can be a little confusing trying to determine which type of glove is the ideal choice. These are the attributes and benefits of each type of glove:

Latex gloves
are natural material, made out of rubber.  They are the most popular choice of protective glove.  The primary reason people would choose an alternative to latex is due to latex allergies.  Latex, being the main raw material in rubber gloves manufacturing, is the gold standard for durability. It demonstrates superior elasticity, strength and barrier protection. Biodegradable latex glovesIt outperforms vinyl as well as any synthetic rubber in terms of maintaining barrier integrity in routine and high risks procedures. Research shows that latex gloves provide up to 9 times more protection during normal use than non-latex gloves. Latex does have an advantage with comfort and dexterity over Nitrile and Vinyl gloves. Latex gloves are more elastic than Nitrile gloves and feature better puncture resistance than vinyl gloves. Pacific Disposables offer medical grade latex gloves with powder and powder free options available. Latex naturally offers excellent chemical resistance. Latex gloves are biodegradable.

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Nitrile gloves are made out of a synthetic rubber, and are an ideal alternative when latex allergies are of concern.   Nitrile gloves are the superior glove when it comes to puncture resistance and are more resistant to oil, fuel and other solvents. Whether black, blue, or orange, colour makes no difference to the quality.

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