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Disposable Gloves Products designed for Medical, Domestic & Catering Markets. Pacific Disposables are based in Auckland, New Zealand. Pacific Disposables was established to supply disposable gloves products to catering wholesalers, retail products to wholesalers, cash & carrys and multiple retailers.

All Pacific Disposables’ products are made from the finest materials and presented in high quality, unique packaging.

Pacific Disposables’ gloves are of consistent quality and specially manufactured to a higher specification than is usual in the industry. Pacific Disposables Gloves meet medical quality standards and are marketed in both powder and powder-free grades. These disposable glove products are unique to Pacific Disposables.

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Nitrile Gloves

Blue Nitrile Gloves

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Pacific Disposables’ Nitrile gloves are produced from synthetic rubber. These gloves are suitable for use in medical examinations and procedures, laboratory practices and automotive industry. Nitrile Gloves are an ideal alternative when latex allergies are of concern. Nitrile gloves are the superior glove when it comes to puncture resistance and are more resistant to oil, fuel and other solvents.

Latex Gloves

Latex Gloves

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Pacific Disposables’ Latex gloves are made from natural rubber latex. Biodegradable latex disposable glovesThese gloves are suitable for medical and industrial use and food handling practices in addition to everyday use. Latex Gloves are best known for offering wearers more comfort for long term use. Pacific Disposable Latex Gloves are Biodegradable.

Gorilla Gloves

Black Nitrile Glove

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These High Risk Industrial gloves have incredible strength and over three times as thick as normal disposable gloves with extra long 300mm cuffs. They are popular for automotive, janitorial, and industrial use. Pacific Disposables Black Gorilla High Risk Nitrile Gloves have a beaded extra long cuff for better protection and easing donning and are Palm & Finger Textured. Black Gorilla Gloves have increased resistance to chemicals, oil, fuel and other solvents.

Pacific Disposables’ mission statement

To deliver value for money quality disposable gloves by an established family business, offering service, quality, and satisfaction